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Abstracts accepted to the 2020 MHSRS are acceptable for submission to the 2021 MHSRS. However, these abstracts will be re-reviewed for acceptance to the 2021 MHSRS.

Abstracts submitted to the MHSRS should represent original, unpublished work (not on-line, not in print). Abstracts can be submitted to MHSRS as well as to professional scientific society meetings. However, if the abstract is submitted to MHSRS and other military-related/DoD meetings and accepted, the submitter needs to decide which meeting to present at. Abstracts presented at other military-related or DoD meetings are ineligible for presentation at the MHSRS, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Abstracts will be accepted through this website via the online submissions process.

Abstracts will be submitted in plain text without any rich text formatting or fonts. No embedded tables, pictures or videos will be accepted.

  1. Abstract Title: Limit of 255 characters (includes spacing)
  2. Abstract length: Limit of 8,000 characters (includes spacing)
  3. Abstract Disclaimer: Limit of 350 characters (includes spacing)
  4. Learning Objectives: Three (3) are required. These should answer the question - What do you expect the attendee to be able to do at the end of the session? Each learning objective should start with an action verb (e.g., Describe, Analyze, Discuss, etc). Each learning objective has a limit of 255 characters (includes spacing).

Abstracts should present research data and conclusions. Those focused only on product promotion (e.g., sales pitch) will not be considered.

Abstracts for posters AND oral presentations will be accepted for DoD-sponsored COVID-19 research. COVID-19 abstracts submitted to sessions other that those that are focused on COVID-19 will be re-directed to the COVID-19 Abstract Review Leads for consideration.

It is the submitter's responsibility to ensure that their abstract(s) have been appropriately cleared by their organization for release. For submitters affiliated with DoD organizations, this involves clearance through Public Affairs and Operational Security, and may require an additional level of clearance through your Foreign Disclosures Office, which is applicable when presenting at a meeting that Foreign Nationals will be attending. Contact your Operational Security Office to see if a Foreign Disclosures Clearance applies to you.

Prior to submitting an abstract, submitting an award, or participating in the abstract review process you must be a registered member of this MHSRS website.

The Call for Abstract submission is 17 February to 31 March 2021. This deadline WILL NOT be extended.

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