Young Investigator (YI) Competition

Qualifications: Primary authors and presenters must be residents, fellows, doctoral candidates or post-docs, or individuals with within five years of graduation from a terminal degree (e.g., Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). Service academy cadets are also eligible for this presentation category. Active Duty Military, and government and non-government civilians and contractors are eligible for this presentation category. Previous winners are not eligible to submit. A previous winner is defined as one who has placed first, second or third in the oral competition at any previous MHSRS meeting.

For an abstract to be considered under the YI category, choose "Young Investigator Competition" on the Abstract Submission form. Submit YI abstracts under the appropriate Research Topic area.

Eligible Research: DoD funded research with data directly relevant to one of the four MHSRS focus areas: Warfighter Medical Readiness, Expeditionary Medicine, Warfighter Performance, Return to Duty.

YI abstracts undergo two levels of review. First, the Research Topic area's subject matter expert panel will technically assess and score the submitted YI abstracts. The highest scoring YI abstracts will be forwarded by the panel chairperson to the next level. This is a DoD-level review performed by a different panel of reviewers, who will select ~10 YI abstracts for oral presentations at a special plenary session during the symposium. These oral presentations will be ~10 minutes in length which includes a 2 minute question period. At the MHSRS, the oral presentations will be assessed and scored by a third set of judges from both the DoD and academic scientific community. The top three scoring oral presentations will be recognized at the MHSRS awards ceremony.

If the YI abstract is not nominated for an oral presentation at the special plenary session, it will be considered for an oral or poster presentation under the abstract's Research Topic Area.

Questions concerning the YI Competition should be directed to: